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Are you looking to simplify your life?



Welcome to Travel Light Life. Glad you found us! We are a husband and wife team, live full-time in an RV, and write about our journey on the road, minimalism, plant-based eating, and navigating relationship along the way.

Check out our blog, or set up a time to chat with us if you are interested in finding out how a minimalist lifestyle could help free you up to take your own adventure, whether it’s on the road in an RV, traveling around the world, or just making your life at home more simple and designing a life you love.



Plant-based Cooking Enthusiast, Carpenter Extraordinaire


Web Presence Sherpa, Digital Nomad, Writer, Minimalist Adventurer. 


If you are looking for support with decluttering, getting organized, full-time RV living, or designing a lifestyle that lets you travel or live wherever you want, we offer phone or zoom consulting sessions. Contact us below to set up a FREE half-hour chat to see how we can help.